Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, let me present to you the game SuperEpicMegaHero

SuperEpicMegaHero is a game about a hero looking for adventures, fighting spaceships, exploring planets...
Some levels are rpg style, you will need to win some fights, find hidden objects to keep going, other levels are like classic games like whack a mole, .... One of the levels has a funny story about a burning plataform in the midle of the ocean

The graphs are damn cool must of them were made by my 11 year old kid

It's a wip, in alpha stage, some levels are unfinished, but I decided to post it now and keep the development in the wild, all kind of feedback is welcome, since it's the first game I'm releasing.

Right now I have builds for android and sailfish OS, check here , but it works also in desktop.

The code:

Enjoy !!!