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Thread: qwt + qt on windows 7

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    Default qwt + qt on windows 7

    I am looking for a tutorial, complete with versions of software so I can make a basic provided example on Win7.

    I am using qt, qt's serial libraries, and qwt. If I could start over with a different requirement stack I would, but I can't unfortunately. I've gotten them to kind of work on Linux and Mac (with hours and hours of errors), but now I am stuck on windows. I have windows 7 with QT's mingw installed, MS Visual Studio 2015 and 2017, and I've tried make, nmake, and jot. They all give their own sets of errors for compiling qwt.

    Has anyone successfully used qwt 6.1.3 with qt 5.11.2 on windows?

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    Default Re: qwt + qt on windows 7

    Yes, many do.


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