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Thread: QTreeWidget itemClicked only on not selected items?

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    Default QTreeWidget itemClicked only on not selected items?

    Hi there,

    i have a QTreeWidget with some QTreeWigetItems, wich i use as menu. I've implemented the on_treeWidget_itemClicked listener, so i can detect if i click on one of the QtreeWidgetItems inside my QTreeWidget.

    But how can i detect if the selected item is selected when i click on it, so that no action will be performed. One example to this:
    If i click on my item "LOAD" my custom code inside the on_treeWidget_itemClicked should only be executed if the item "LOAD" ist not selected when i click on it. When another item - let's say "SAVE" is selected and then i click on "LOAD" then my code should be executed.

    This should work, too, when i populate the QtreeWidget manually and set one item to selected, so that - let's say item "DYNAMIC" if manually added at runtime and set to setSelected(true) and then i click on this entry my code should not be executed.

    How can i do this?

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    Default Re: QTreeWidget itemClicked only on not selected items?

    Maybe you want to react to the "current item being changed" instead?

    If that alone is not good enough then store the current item in the respective change slot and check against the just clicked item in your click slot.
    Or react to selection change, store that and check against the old selection in your click handler slot


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