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Thread: Use an image as QwtDialNeedle

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    Default Use an image as QwtDialNeedle

    I see Qwt comes with examples on QwtDial and QwtDialNeedle.
    I wonder if it's possible to use a custom image as QwtDialNeedle.
    I think it should be necessary to re-implement the virtual functions of QwtDialNeedle (draw, setPalette, drawNeedle, ...) and then it should work.

    Can someone confirm this, please?
    Is there a working example somewhere?


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    Default Re: Use an image as QwtDialNeedle

    Overloading the QwtDialNeedle::setPalette doesn't make much sense - you can't do much with it.
    QwtDialNeedle::draw sets up a transformation matrix, according to the direction and then calls drawNeedle, what should be o.k for your situation.

    So you only need to overload drawNeedle and maybe drawKnob - if you have such a thing.

    Of course you only will have results without aliasing effects, when using a vector graphics format like SVG - in case your type of dial rotates the needle.


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