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Thread: Offshore software product development

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    Default Offshore software product development

    Software Product Development has obtained an edge by Offshoring development services. Offshoring such services increases the responsibility of Product management and Software Development. In order to ensure efficiency and feasibility of the processes and to deliver a customized product, testing and quality assurance checks are conducted. Apart from testing an important task is often overlooked, that is, documentation of software design for future maintenance and enhancement. What are the other aspects in Offshore Software Product Development that need attention in order to leverage quality and reduce time to market? Please suggest.

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    In my opinion, this is kind of a broad question and it's hard to answer. It requires some experience and a wealth of knowledge.

    The most often used IT outsourcing services:

    application and software development
    software maintenance and management
    technical support
    telecommunication services
    database development and support
    business process outsourcing
    human resource management
    supply chain management
    legal documentation

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    I have found 6 tips on how to outsource software development:
    - Focus on core expertise vs. cutting costs
    - Don’t overlook the technical education level of developers
    - Make sure your data is safe
    - Collect reviews and references
    - Consider location and time zone differences
    - Emphasize the importance of English skills
    Maybe this will help you)) Here is the article where I found these tips How to effectively outsource software development, maybe you will find another interesting information here.

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