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Thread: QT WebAssembly Visual Studio

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    Lightbulb QT WebAssembly Visual Studio


    I am very new to QT and Web assembly.
    Few days ago I have confugured QT with Web assembly for versiobn 5.12.2. And ran examples from qt-webassembly-examles and alsmot all of them run fine.

    Now I want my current
    Visual Studio Project, using qt library already, be comiled on web assembly, but i am unable to do that.
    Please suggest me the right way to do that.

    Any help will be appriciated.

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    Default Re: QT WebAssembly Visual Studio

    If you want to add new Qt modules to an existing project in Visual Studio, you have to edit the Properties for the project to add the include paths (if needed) in the C/C++ "General" page, add any preprocesor defines in the "Preprocessor" page, add the path to the link libraries in the Linker "General" page, and any specific libraries in the "Input" page (under "Additional Dependencies"). ANd of course, you need to edit your C++ files to add the appropriate #include for the header files you need to use the new classes.

    I can't tell you specifically what needs to be edited. You can find out by using the Visual Studio Qt plugin to load one of the example .pro files and look at the Properties for that. If you run two copies of Visual Studio side-by-side, you can look at the example and make changes to your own project at the same time.
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