I'm using this code I found on StackOverflow to fit the axis to the data range :

Qt Code:
  1. // the canvas should be perfectly aligned to the boundaries of your curve.
  2. m_pChart->axisScaleEngine(QwtPlot::xBottom)->setAttribute(QwtScaleEngine::Floating, true);
  3. m_pChart->axisScaleEngine(QwtPlot::yLeft)->setAttribute(QwtScaleEngine::Floating, true);
  4. m_pChart->plotLayout()->setAlignCanvasToScales(true);
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After the first replot, if I do some panning or zooming, the second replot will not fit the axis to the data range. In some cases that's fine, but there's case where I want to rescale the axis to the data range.

So do I have to store the min/max somewhere and use QwtPlot::setAxisScale or can this be done automatically (so less code to maintain).