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Thread: How to show data on row in a Qt Quick app

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    Default How to show data on row in a Qt Quick app

    Hello to all,

    For part of my Qt Quick project, I need to expose data (including text and numbers in Persian) in rows with four or five columns, similar to a table. Each cell must be able to have a color, font for the text and emit the clicked signal when clicked/touched. The number of rows is various, because they can be added/removed. We should be able to scroll the rows. And we also should be able to search for a specific row using the text column, for example, in a separate row right after the first (title) row.

    Is there a built-in QML type that covers the features above all? If yes, what component please? And if not, from where should I start to reach what I want?


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    Default Re: How to show data on row in a Qt Quick app

    Standard ListView with a delegate that has separate "column" areas or a QtQuickControls 2 TableView


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