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Thread: QDoubleSpinbox decimal issues.

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    Default QDoubleSpinbox decimal issues.

    Hey people.
    I'm trying to put decimals in a QDoubleSpinbox in run-time and it won't work. Should i maybe use an other widget?
    What would be nice was if you could write the decimal point manually, but i don't know if there's any functionality for that.
    Anybody have any answers?
    the code i have at the moment in QDoubleSpinboxes (they're all in a vector to quickly set their values)
    Qt Code:
    1. for(auto object : transformSpinBoxes)
    2. {
    3. object->setMaximumWidth(spinBoxWidthMax);
    4. object->setMinimumWidth(spinBoxWidthMin);
    5. object->setMaximum(10000);
    6. object->setMinimum(-10000);
    7. object->setButtonSymbols(QAbstractSpinBox::NoButtons);
    8. object->setSingleStep(0);
    9. object->setDecimals(3);
    10. // object->setSizePolicy(QSizePolicy::Minimum, QSizePolicy::Fixed);
    11. }
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    Default Re: QDoubleSpinbox decimal issues.

    So according to your code, you are configuring your spin boxes so they can't actually be used as spin boxes. You set the single step to 0 (which effectively disables the up / down arrow keys) and you disable the buttons. Why? The only thing the user can do with these is to type a value into them. If you don't want them to function as spin boxes, then use a QLineEdit with a QDoubleValidator.
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