I am trying to build QWT-6.1.4 on 64bit Windows 10, using Visual Studio 2017, based on default installation of Qt-5.13.1.

I have a build.bat script that sets up my environment, and starts the build:

CALL "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\2017\Professional\VC\Auxiliary\Build\vcvars all.bat" amd64_x86
set QT_PATH=E:\Qt\5.13.1\msvc2017_64
set path=E:\Qt\5.13.1\msvc2017_64
CALL qmake qwt.pro
CALL nmake

The build fails with the following output:

E:\Qt\5.13.1\msvc2017_64\include\QtCore/qconfig.h(37): warning C4005: 'QT_LARGEFILE_SUPPORT': macro redefinition
.\qwt_plot_glcanvas.cpp: note: see previous definition of 'QT_LARGEFILE_SUPPORT'
E:\Qt\5.13.1\msvc2017_64\include\QtGui/qopenglext.h(115): error C2065: 'GLenum': undeclared identifier
E:\Qt\5.13.1\msvc2017_64\include\QtGui/qopenglext.h(115): error C2146: syntax error: missing ')' before identifier 'mode'

It seems to me that the opengl include files are not included (e.g. gl.h), but I am not able to figure out how to fix this. Has anyone experienced something similar, or know how to sort this out?

Best regards
Dag Magne