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Thread: QMainWindow in StackedWidget

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    Default QMainWindow in StackedWidget


    i have a small application made with QT and QMainWindow, and now I want to write a second one that combines this two applications.

    What I want to do is:

    - have Mainmenu in Form1
    - Button that opens Form2
    - Form2 opens in StackedWidget

    I copied all cpp/h/ui into my project folder.

    When i show the Form2 with; it opens and closes in a second.

    When I use setCentralWidget than my Form2 would be displayed but no slot works.

    Compared to VB.NET: I want to have Custom-Usercontrols with all my Widgets and Code in a separate cpp/h/ui.


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    Default Re: QMainWindow in StackedWidget

    Please show us some code.


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    Default Re: QMainWindow in StackedWidget

    I have no Code yet - not for the "thing" i want to do ;-)

    FORM2 * _frm2= new FORM2;
    _frm2->show ();

    I found this to show the Form2 as second opened window - and it works.

    But i want the 2nd Window in the StackedWidget on Form1

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