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Thread: how to use database value in the variable

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    Default how to use database value in the variable

    Qt Code:
    1. QString timess;
    2. QSqlQuery qry;
    3. qry.prepare("SELECT FROM test WHERE time = '"+timess+"'");
    4. if (qry.exec()){
    5. ui->time->setText(timess);
    6. qDebug("timess");
    7. };
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    This is my code. after I Run ui didn't show anything.

    I create timess with qstring and store the time value from database(SQLite) into it's.
    But in the time ui (QLable) didn't show anything after I run the process.

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    Default Re: how to use database value in the variable

    1. SQL query is incorrect - You must indicate what you want select.
    2. Read about QSqlQuery::next and QSqlQuery::value.

  3. The following user says thank you to Lesiok for this useful post:

    akkarachai (3rd December 2019)

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