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Thread: Syntax issue with placing text inside a QProgressBar

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    Default Syntax issue with placing text inside a QProgressBar

    I have a working Q Progress Bar with the percentage completion showing out to the right. I would like to add the text "Loading files" to the inside of the bar. In looking at the message boards for info, I found the following, which I think may do what I need (but have not tested):
    Found code:
    Qt Code:
    1. progressBar.setFormat("Loading...");
    2. progressBar.setAlignment(Qt::AlignCenter);
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    My code is this:
    Qt Code:
    1. self.ui.progressbar.setFormat('Loading files . . .')
    2. self.ui.progressbar.setAlignment(xxxxxxxxxxx)
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    I need help in translating the second line of the code I found into the format I need, ie., what do I put where the XXXXXXX are showing in my code? PyCharm, my IDE, gave me hints of what to put where the x's are like "Qt_Alignment=" but I don't know what else to put after the =
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