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Thread: Qt3D: QPolygonMeshWithHole geometry

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    Lightbulb Qt3D: QPolygonMeshWithHole geometry

    Hi there,

    does anybody have a mesh implementation for a polygon mesh (ideally with hole) ready or does anybody know about a project using such a mesh?

    If there's nothing like that available, I would create such a mesh myself - in such case I'd appreciate feedback/suggestions on the API. Currently I would favour something like:

    Qt Code:
    1. // polygons defined 2D plane, n > 2
    2. // with vectors of first and last segment must not be parallel
    3. // inner polygon must not intersect with outer polygon, but may have a joined
    4. // point, but no joined segments
    5. QPolygonF outerPolygon = ...;
    6. QPolygonF innerPolygon = ...;
    8. QPolygonMesh * mesh = new QPolygonMesh();
    9. mesh->setPolygon(outerPolygon);
    10. mesh->setInnerPolygon(innerPolygon);
    11. mesh->setMaxSegmentLength(0.1);
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    Polygon would be created in x-z plane such, that p0 is the origin (0,0,0) (translating all polygon points accordingly).

    What do you think?
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