I'm trying to write a plugin for Qt creator that lists the functions that are declarated in a '.c' or '.h' file. I'm doing this to speed up the useless practise required by my company to list in the header of each file the list of exported and internal functions.
I have written several plugin for Qt creator, but this is the first time I need the code model. I'd rather NOT to use CLang code model.

I have tried calling in a loop the function "CPlusPlus:ocument::functionAt" but this only finds implemented functions; for me it's required to also include function prototypes of header files.

Then I have tried with CPlusPlus:ocument::scopeAt, looping the member of the full file scope. Here the problem is that CPlusPlus::Symbol::asDeclaration does not make any difference between functions declaration and file scope variable declarations.

Any idea about how to isolate function declarations?

Thank you