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Thread: How to find which button was pressed (PyQt5)

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    Default How to find which button was pressed (PyQt5)

    Hello fellow qt users.

    In the process of learning python I created a tictactoe game and use the PyQt5 to create a gui. Simple 3x3 grid of buttons created in a loop with a view to a 4x4 grid later. Ran into a problem, how to identify the button pressed? Code below shows ugly solution used. Putting clicked.connect statements in the loop fails as it seems the variables i and j are passed by reference so they all contain 2, 2 when the loop exits. Full code here: I've probably missed something some were in the docs.

    Qt Code:
    1. GRID_SIZE = 3
    2. # Create our board of 9 buttons and put them in a grid
    3. for i in range(0, GRID_SIZE ):
    4. for j in range(0, GRID_SIZE ):
    5. self.button[i][j] = QPushButton()
    6. self.button[i][j].setMinimumSize(25, 25)
    7. self.button[i][j].setMaximumSize(25, 25)
    8. grid.addWidget(self.button[i][j], i, j)
    10. vbox.addLayout(grid)
    11. # Add the warnings label
    12. vbox.addWidget(self.labelWarn)
    13. vbox.addStretch(0)
    14. hbox.addLayout(vbox)
    15. hbox.addStretch(0)
    16. self.setLayout(hbox)
    18. self.button[0][0].clicked.connect(lambda: self.on_button_clicked(0, 0))
    19. self.button[0][1].clicked.connect(lambda: self.on_button_clicked(0, 1))
    20. self.button[0][2].clicked.connect(lambda: self.on_button_clicked(0, 2))
    21. self.button[1][0].clicked.connect(lambda: self.on_button_clicked(1, 0))
    22. self.button[1][1].clicked.connect(lambda: self.on_button_clicked(1, 1))
    23. self.button[1][2].clicked.connect(lambda: self.on_button_clicked(1, 2))
    24. self.button[2][0].clicked.connect(lambda: self.on_button_clicked(2, 0))
    25. self.button[2][1].clicked.connect(lambda: self.on_button_clicked(2, 1))
    26. self.button[2][2].clicked.connect(lambda: self.on_button_clicked(2, 2))
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    Default Re: How to find which button was pressed (PyQt5)

    I don't know how in Python but in C++ it is a method QObject::sender().

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    Default Re: How to find which button was pressed (PyQt5)

    self.button[0][0].clicked.connect(lambda: self.on_button_clicked(0, 0))
    And I don't know if Python allows you to do tricks that C++ cannot, but in C++, the slot that is connected to a signal must have the same signature (usually) as the signal: the clicked() signal has no arguments, so the on_clicked() slot cannot have any either. Even when the slot is a lambda, the arguments will be stripped off when the slot is called, if it compiles at all.

    The exception to the rule is a signal that -does- pass arguments can be connected to a slot defined with fewer arguments (in which case the extra arguments are simply ignored).
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