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Thread: How to tell Creator about files that are not C++ files

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    Default How to tell Creator about files that are not C++ files

    I have some files in my C++ project that are other than .cpp or .h files. One is an .ini file; others have to do with my code generation.

    How do I tell Creator about these files so they show up on the navigator panel so that I can edit them?

    To have .cpp files show up, I code these in the .pro file: SOURCE+=...; for .h files, HEADERS+=...

    I have coded DISTFILES+=... in the .pro file which causes things to show up in the Navigator, but I'm certain that's an incorrect usage of DISTFILES.

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    Default Re: How to tell Creator about files that are not C++ files

    It is correct. After using "Add existing file" to project and select an INI file Qt Creator creates DISTFILES rule in pro file.

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