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Thread: How to use GMP with Qt creator 5 (latest version) on Windows?

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    Default How to use GMP with Qt creator 5 (latest version) on Windows?

    So I have downloaded the latest version of Qt Creator (5.something...) using the online Qt Downloader, and GMP version 6.2.0

    But I can't find any tutorials on how to use GMP library at all. And if I do, it's on Mac/Linux, which I can't use. It's unlike in python where we put the library folder in the working directory and it's done :\

    So, how can I write a "Hello world" program using GMP in Qt Creator? A program that calculates 10000!, or e^1000 to 10^4 decimal places, for example.

    Thank you for reading.

    Edit: actually I don't need to use GMP, any high-precision float library is okay. What should I use in Qt? Thank you.
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