Hi everyone,

Currently, I'm using a fork of a project called vtkMap (https://github.com/OpenGeoscience/vtkMap) to have a geo map in which I can load OpenStreetMap tiles offline, as it is based on VTK, I can draw lines and color them with data very easily, put some markers/clusters and load a raster (GeoTIFF). Selection operations are also handled but they don't always work flawlessly.

I want to move away from that solution because it is cumbersome to handle some 2D operations related to locations with VTK : it ain't easy to assign labels to markers, it is cumbersome to assign images to locations etc...

So, I would like to know your experiences regarding GIS, slippy maps in C++/Qt

I already played with merkaator, QMapControl, Marble and the old Qt slippy map example, but they will not work out of the box. For example, a lot of work is needed to embed merkaator (the complete solution) in one's C++ application to achieve what I did with vtkMap.

Qt has a QML geo map, but I don't know QML and I don't think it's a complete solution (no GeoTIFF support).

I don't want to use some web technology (Leaflet) as it will increase the complexity of my system (I will need a web server, nodejs etc...)