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Thread: How to Build & Run Qt Version 4.8.4 from QT Creator 4.11.0

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    Default How to Build & Run Qt Version 4.8.4 from QT Creator 4.11.0


    I am new into QT and i want build sample application in QT Creator 4.11.0 and i want to use QT Version 4.8.4, So any one can guide me.

    I want to know first, how to setup the environment on my desktop. For your information, I installed "qt-opensource-windows-x86-5.14.0.exe" and there is IDE available for "QT Creator 4.11.0".

    But i want use Qt Version 4.8.4 in the "QT Creator 4.11.0" IDE, let me know do we have to any configuration on that.


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    Default Re: How to Build & Run Qt Version 4.8.4 from QT Creator 4.11.0

    The version of Qt Creator you use to create projects is completely independent of the version of the Qt libraries you install. Qt Creator installs its own self-contained libraries and does not have any relationship with the version of Qt that you install and use for your projects.

    If you want to build projects with Qt 4, then you need to download a Qt 4 distribution from here. I do not know if this installs another copy of Qt Creator also, but if it does you might not have to do any more work because it should configure that copy of Qt Creator to use the Qt 4 distribution. If not, then you will have to read the Qt Creator documentation and learn how to configure a "kit" that uses the appropriate compiler and Qt 4 distribution.
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