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Thread: Qt server-side and database

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    Default Qt server-side and database

    I'm beginning to learn Qt and I want to select a suitable framework for server side and a database management software. I'm so confuse because I'm learning C++ for Qt and I want to use C++ for server-side too, but I can't find any framework and database software with C++ scripting language. I don't want to learn python, Java or Ruby at this time. Becaue I only want to focus on C++ and no other languages. What is your advice for Qt server-side? And which database I can choose for Qt and C++?

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    Default Re: Qt server-side and database

    Most database systems are already built to run as standalone servers - PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle, MS SQL Server, etc. - so you don't need to write server-side software. What you usually write is the client-side application, in which you connect to the server and send SQL queries and commands and receive the results to display in your GUI. Your Qt distribution comes with many examples on how to do this.

    SQLite is designed to run as a local database inside of a client application, so there really is no separate "server", but the idea is the same.

    If you want to learn about client-server applications development in general using Qt and C++, there are many examples in the Qt distribution. Start here.
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