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Thread: Multiple folder and file selection

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    Default Multiple folder and file selection

    Hello all,

    I am currently working on GUI where I need to select multiple files from multiple folders using getOpenFileNames() of QFileDialog. But I couldn't find a proper source to load files from multiple folders. Is this possible? If so, can I get some assistance in solving this? Thank you.

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    Default Re: Multiple folder and file selection

    I don't think this is possible with QFileDialog, especially using the static getOpen...() methods. You could try using the non-static version, with fileMode() set to ExistingFiles and see if the dialog will let you select multiple files (probably with CTRL-click) while navigating the directory tree.

    If that doesn't work, then the only solution I can imagine is to roll your own interface using QFileSystemModel along with a QTreeView set for extended selection, and QItemSelectionModel to hold the selections. You might be able to find an example online where this has already been done.
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