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Thread: Using dr memory to debug c++ .dll

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    Default Using dr memory to debug c++ .dll

    Hi guys,

    I want to analyse a c++ .dll using dr memory (memory leak), just for a specific function in dll

    I found in the doc, that I can use fuzz argument to analyse .dll or .so

    I got always errors, I ask if someone already has tested this method

    Qt Code:
    1. fuzz_target ‘mydll?!myfunc-myclass’
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    Default Re: Using dr memory to debug c++ .dll

    Nothing to do with Qt.

    You certainly need to specified the C++ mangled name of the method you are trying to target on Linux/UNIX. You may need it if you built with MingW on Windows.
    Perhaps you should ask on the Dr. Memory discussion group for more details.

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