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Thread: Why fonts in Qt are appearing blurry or pixelated?

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    Exclamation Why fonts in Qt are appearing blurry or pixelated?

    All my fonts are appearing pixelated, so I used AntiAliasing but it isn't helping. As you can see in the image itself:


    This is the code I am using:

    Qt Code:
    1. butt1 = QtWidgets.QLabel("""Scrappr""")
    2. font = QtGui.QFont()
    3. font.setStyleStrategy(QtGui.QFont.PreferAntialias)
    4. font.setPixelSize(22)
    5. font.setFamily('Segoe UI Bold')
    6. butt1.setFont(QtGui.QFont(font))
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    Edit 1: I also tried different combinations of ClearType text but It didn't work out. I think because for me, by default all the text appears good on windows and chrome but with Qt, it becomes pixelated. So it's probably not a windows problem...
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