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Thread: QTreeView drag & drop support for complete branch

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    Default QTreeView drag & drop support for complete branch

    Hello all,

    After a long and frustrating time searching for answers on how to create a QTreeView working on a QAbstractItemModel that supports drag & drop, I always found half working examples. I finally found an example that worked:

    I was SO happy! But, it was missing one crucial step: It did not copy/move entire branch. It could work with many nodes at once (multi-selection), but it did not copy the children of those nodes.

    I coded the extra step and I wanted to share it with you, so nobody would need to suffer like I did.

    So, here's the code to drag and drop any nodes and their children inside a QTreeView!

    BTW, it is not a professional software, as it do not catch all errors, but it will do what was advertised!

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