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Thread: Prevent a Layout in a Layout from auto-resizing

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    Question Prevent a Layout in a Layout from auto-resizing

    Hello, as the title indicates it, I would like to prevent a layout in a bigger layout picture from rezing.
    In other words, let's say I have a 3 lines QVBoxLayout, each of them containing another layout.
    2 out of those 3 should be resized when the bigger window is resized by the user, but the first one, let's say a QFormLayout should remain as thin as possible.
    How do you do that ?
    PS : I am designing this using Qt Designer

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    Default Re: Prevent a Layout in a Layout from auto-resizing

    A lot of things you can play around with:

    You can try setting the widgets inside your form layouts to have a maximum height.
    You can also try inserting vertical spacers to force the contents of each layout to the top.
    Try playing with the expansion properties of each widget.
    Try putting the QFormLayout inside of a QFrame inside of the vertical layout, and set the properties of the QFrame to make it invisible, a fixed size, and zero margins.
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    Default Re: Prevent a Layout in a Layout from auto-resizing

    Or QBoxLayout::setStretchFactor() with 0 for the uppermost child layout, and 1 for each of the others? Not sure if that is exposed in Qt Designer.

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