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Thread: Custom Widget in QListWidgetItem in QListWidget, QListWidgetItem doesn't resize

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    Default Custom Widget in QListWidgetItem in QListWidget, QListWidgetItem doesn't resize

    i have a simple custom widget multiple times in a QListWidget.
    The custom widget contain some buttons and other suff and a QTableView,
    whitch is hidden in the first place.


    The button "Show/Hide TableView" will toggle the visibility of the QTableView.
    But when the visibility is set to true, the widget doesn't resize.
    In the next picture i clicked once the button "Show/Hide TableView" and the
    QTableView will be visible (small white bar), but the surrounding QGroupBox
    doens't change it's size and therefore also not the QListWidgetItem.


    What i need:
    - a widget based list view (i have used QListWidget)
    - custom widgets which may change in size (e.g by setting the visibility of childs)

    Can anyone help why my example doesn't work? (see Zip file)

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    Default Re: Custom Widget in QListWidgetItem in QListWidget, QListWidgetItem doesn't resize

    The first part of the problem is to get TestWidget to resize itself properly in isolation. The secret to this is the QLayout::SetFixedSize size constraint on the top-level layout of the TestWidget.
    See the Extension Example

    The second part of the problem is to have the list view resize its rows when one of the child widgets changes size (up or down). I do not have an obvious way to do this off the top of my head. It will resize rows if the QListWidget itself is resized, but that would be a nasty hack. Calling update() on the QListWidget when the child widget resizeEvent() is called does work either.

    You may need to make your own "list" out of a QScrollArea, QWidget, and QVBoxLayout to gain the control you need.

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