Following are the details of my development setup:
Linux desktop: Ubuntu 16.04 LTS
Qt Version : 5.9.4 Open source

I am working on a small application which will demonstrate the hardware's screen responsiveness. E.g. If I have a SwipeView, with the application, I need to measure the time between the user action (i.e. end of swipe action on the screen) and the page (next or previous) change to appear. I am testing the application on x86 and later I will cross compile for the device.

Here my requirement is on end of user action, I need to get a signal to capture the time. Once the page is changed on swipe view I will again capture the time and then the difference of these 2 times will be my result.

For page change I can rely on the onCurrentIndexChanged() slot of SwipeView. But I am not finding any slot, which informs about the end of user's swipe action.

I tried using MouseArea. onPress, I am making mouse.accepted = false, and this allows the swipe to happen. But then I am not getting the onRelease event in the MouseArea, which is obvious from the MouseArea document.

So is there any way to handle this scenario?