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Thread: Slot/Signal mechanism and inheritance

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    Default Slot/Signal mechanism and inheritance


    I have a general question regarding the slot/signal mechanism and inheritance:
    I have an application with a Qt-based GUI that shall have at least 4 components running in dedicated threads. I do not subclass QThread but use the moveToThread() approach
    For interrupt handling issues I added a base class for the thread_worker objects where the interrupt handling is implemented:

    class AbstractThreadWorker : public QObject
    // ...
    // ...
    public slots:
    void OnInterruptRequested(int id);
    void thread_interrupted(int id);

    } it possible to use the connect() method (in the main thread) on the base class (one connect for all therad workers) or do I have to connect these signals/slots for each sub classed (i.e. ThreadWortker that inherits from AbstractThreadWorker) ThreadWorker?
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    Default Re: Slot/Signal mechanism and inheritance

    If you are creating unique AbstractThreadWorker instance for each thread, then you need to connect() each one of them. You do not connect a class, you connect an instance of a class.
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