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Thread: QT Paths for Dream in Windows 10

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    Default QT Paths for Dream in Windows 10

    I bet there is a simple answer to this, but I'm no programmer, and I need help. I downloaded Dream 2.2 (software for listening to DRM radio programming), and unzipped into a folder I named dream under Program Files (x86). Found and installed the missing wpcap.dll and packet.dll. Got a not entirely expected “no Qt platform plugin could be initialised” message. Tried what was recommended in a web page, which is copied here:

    "There are two solutions:

    1. Create a file named "qt.conf". Put this in the same directory as your executable. Put this in it:


    Then, create a directory called "plugins" in the shared plugins location, and a subdirectory "platforms" inside that. From your Qt distribution, find this same directory, and copy the file "qwindows.dll" from that directory into your own platforms directory.

    In this case, your installation looks like:

    - YourApp.exe
    - any needed Qt DLLs
    - qt.conf

    - /plugins
    - /platforms

    2. You can create the /plugins/platforms directory as a sub-directory of your application install directory, and put the dll there.

    In this case, your installation will look like this:

    - YourApp.exe
    - any needed Qt DLLs
    - /plugins
    - qwindows.dll "

    I tried both method 1 and 2, using copies of qwindows.dll I found elsewhere in my PC, but no dice. STRONGLY suspect my problem is in path and perhaps platform descriptions, since I've never done this before and have very little clue what I'm doing. If you can help me get this to work, and particularly if I understand how it works, you will make me and many others very happy, as this has flummoxed a great many folks.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Default Re: QT Paths for Dream in Windows 10

    Unless your Dream app and the Qt files you are copying are all from the same version of Qt and built with the same compiler, then copying files around like this probably won't work, regardless of whether you get the paths right or not.

    If the Dream software doesn't come with a real installer, then you probably need to go back to the web site where you found it to determine which version of Qt it was built against and which compiler and version was used. If it does come with an installer, then you should use that instead of unzipping a distribution file since it will likely contain the Qt and other DLLs required by the app.
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    Default Re: QT Paths for Dream in Windows 10

    It looks like a 32-bit Qt 5 version built with MingW and GCC 4.91 delivered in an incomplete zip file. The project seems quite dormant:
    You should be able to substitute all the Qt libraries and plugins from a recent 32-bit Qt 5 version built with MingW. Fairly sure that the Qt Online Installer offers that combination (no Windows box to check)

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