I have two QListWidgets , one named “Commands” on the left side and other named “XML Script” on the right side , I am able to drag and drop items from one List to another, How ever, when I drag one item, I don’t want drop that same item text, I want some changed text to be dropped.

Example: In this example when I dragged “SetScroll Command” from “commands” QListWidget and I am trying to drop this in “XML Script” QListWidget , I need some different text to be dropped like If I drag ‘Pause Command’ from “Commands”, the dropped item in “XML Script ”should have item with text like “This is a Pause Command”

?? How can I achieve this, I am intending to keep a Map data structure which will have key as “Pause Command” and Value as “This is a Pause Command”. Whenever key text is dragged , value text shall be dropped,

Any help appreciated.