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I want to run a command in Ubuntu via Qt using QProcess. My command is fluent3DMeshToFoam <mesh address> and when I run it into terminal its OK and produces sum output and files in a specific location. But I have problem with running it using QProcess.

I have noticed that I should add the path of fluent3DMeshToFoam to ProcessEnvironment of my QProcess object. So I did:

Qt Code:
  1. QProcessEnvironment env = QProcessEnvironment::systemEnvironment();
  2. env.insert("PATH" , env.value("PATH") + ":"+"<path of fluent3DMeshToFoam>");
  3. myProcess.setProcessEnvironment(env);
  4. myProcess.start("fluent3DMeshToFoam" , QStringList() << "<mesh address>");
  5. myProcess.waitForFinished(-1);
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I connected readyRead()and errorOccurred() signals and after I run, the errorOccurred signal emits and the following error shows:

execve: No such file or directory

I searched alot and could not find out where the problem is. thanks.