We are happy to announce the release of the QtitanDocking 3.2.0 component. This release is very much revised version that includes improved dock panels architecture and style rendering. Docking has become much smoother, unwanted offsets are gone when using the Qt::WA_NativeWindow attribute for the app. Improved work in High DPI resolution. Please take into account that on all platforms we use a native (system) drag for windows. That is, the drag and drop operation is performed by the kernel of the OS window manager and not through emulation like other do.
Support for the component in MacOS has been significantly improved. We've spent a lot of time making our docking component look native on a MacOS, although docking is not typical user interface on it. But with our implementation, your application will look professional in MacOS. Take a look at the screenshots below, it's hard to believe but they were made on a MacOS.

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