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Thread: After upgrade to QTcreator 4.13.0 gdb crashes on breaks

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    Default Re: After upgrade to QTcreator 4.13.0 gdb crashes on breaks

    After installing latest version of QT creator, I get the following crashes anytime gdb hits a break. The stack trace shows briefly then cdb exits

    14:19:55: Debugging starts
    section .gnu_debuglink not found in C:\Qt\5.15.0\mingw81_64\plugins\platforms\qwindows .dll.debug
    section .gnu_debuglink not found in C:\Qt\5.15.0\mingw81_64\plugins\styles\qwindowsvis tastyle.dll.debug
    14:19:58: Debugging has finished

    reinstalling mingw, checking everything that seemed to have something to do with cdb got the .debug files installed in platform directory, but still crashes

    I tried resetting the view to default layout, which worked when I had this problem before. I tried 5.15.0 and 5.14.1 versions of QT. I made no other changes than install the update to QTcreator. Is there a way to roll back QTcreator?

    Thanks much.

    Added after 8 minutes:

    I solved my problem. Right clicking while debugger running brings up different menu and that reset to default worked.
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