I would like to connect with someone who actually , physically coded bluetooth application using Qt "examples" qtconnectivity.
I am not looking for "RTFM" advises, I like to talk to somebody who especially used / cloned the "btscanner" example.

After few weeks of using QtCreator (and RTFM) I feel pretty confident I finally have the QtCreator / QtDesigner concept.

Now I am ready to actually implement my version of "btscanner" and could use somebody real experience understanding specifics.

For starters

After starting the bluetooth inquiry - discover near-by devices - I IMMEDIATELY receive first signal "device discovered " then after EXPECTED delay I receive second signal " scan completed".
That makes no sense - the "device discovered" should be received AFTER scan in completed.
This implies that "device discovered" signal is not emitted from after the actual scan is finished , but from some yet unknown data base filled previously.

This is just one starting "problem" I could use some assistance with , if it is a real issue. I do not know.
I am not asking for assistance with a specific code.