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Thread: PyQt5 - Get the pixel color inside a QWidget

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    Default PyQt5 - Get the pixel color inside a QWidget

    I made a QWidget and inside I made some other items like QLabels which display images.
    Consider what is inside that parent Widget I was trying to get the color where I would click.

    Searching I found this thread but it is a bit old and I am not able to translate it to Python. as I cant read C++.


    Qt Code:
    1. QPixmap qPix = QPixmap::grabWidget(ui->myWidget);
    2. QImage image(qPix.toImage());
    3. QColor color(image.pixel(0, 1));
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    How would this translate to PyQt5 if it is the correct answer?

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    Default Re: PyQt5 - Get the pixel color inside a QWidget

    Don't double post, please.

    QPixmap::grabWidget() has been deprecated and is no longer in Qt5, so this code wouldn't compile even in C++. However, there is an alternative. I am not too familiar with PyQt5, but the code should look something like this (where "widget" the is one you want the pixels from):

    Qt Code:
    1. pixMap = QPixmap( widget.width(), widget.height() )
    2. widget.render( pixMap )
    3. image = pixMap.toImage()
    4. color = image.pixelColor( 0, 0 )
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