Hi there, I am beginner to intermediate level python programmer.

my question: How to move QFrame which contains multple QtWidgets, within QTreeWidget. Please see the example code below: Press the button to add childs and try dragging them in between other childs or the parent of the first level tree hierarchy, it will lose its data. I am very illiterate in using Mime Data or drag & drop events. The concept is that if a user selects "Repeat" it will open nested child with "Add & remove" buttons (which i will program later)
But my main goal as of right now is to make my qtreewidgetitems (Qfram) dragable.

Please see the code files Main.py GUIv1.pybelow:

main code:


GUI code exported from qtdesigner:

i cant upload Resource file here in this forum so here it is: https://easyupload.io/5bsar9