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Thread: Sharing Data Between two Threads - QQueue or Semaphores?

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    Default Sharing Data Between two Threads - QQueue or Semaphores?

    I have a thread that is explicitly focused on monitoring for events--Producer Thread. The thread runs a loop which checks for an event to happen in hardware. When an event is triggered, an integer is generated. The event needs to be pushed to a second, Worker, thread. Note: Events can be triggered within microseconds of each other.

    The worker thread needs to run some analytics on each triggered event and display it to the Gui.

    Event Variable Question:
    Based on the above, my question is on the correct variable type to use for the events variable a QQueue or Buffer/Semaphore combination?

    1. The Producer Thread should have minimal to no delays to avoid missing an event
    2. The events shall be processed and not overwritten by a second event

    My Understanding:
    As I understand it, in this instance of thread use, a mutex would be needed for use of the QQueue which could possibly create some delay in the producer thread writing an event to the Queue. --Please confirm this as well.

    Thanks for the help.

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    Default Re: Sharing Data Between two Threads - QQueue or Semaphores?

    IMO, there is no need for a shared variable. Use a signal-slot connection of the Qt::QueuedConnection type (the default for inter-thread connections) and pass the integer that way. The slot will execute the signals in the order received so there should be no issues with data being lost or need for locking mechanisms.
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