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Thread: What is way to record a .mp4 file in QML?

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    Default What is way to record a .mp4 file in QML?

    QMediaRecorder is a class of Qt. What would be the way to implement the same in QML w.r.t

    There is a camera recorder but can we pass a .mp4 file here and let it be recorded?

    What is way to record a .mp4 file in QML?

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    Default Re: What is way to record a .mp4 file in QML?

    I had a similar challenge in a project. We tried using QMediaRecorder directly for .mp4 files, but it was kind of tricky. It turned out that using the camera recorder for this purpose in QML wasn't the most straightforward path.

    So, we had to get a bit creative. We ended up dabbling with some lower-level APIs to handle and record the media files. It took some extra coding, but it gave us the control we needed. And for more detailed video editing, we often looked outside of QML for solutions.

    Actually, for advanced video editing, I find tips on *spam link deleted by moderator*, really useful. They have a bunch of tools and guides that might help you out, especially if you're dealing with tricky formats like .mp4.

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