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Thread: Use the "Offline" or "Online" installer for Qt when upgrading ???

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    Default Use the "Offline" or "Online" installer for Qt when upgrading ???

    I have open source Qt 5.8 and simply want to upgrade to version 5.15. I go to Qt website and see "download the online Qt installer" and on another Qt site I see "offline Qt installer."

    1. Which one do I download?
    2. Will my version of Qt Creator (currently it is 4.2.1 based on Qt5) also be updated when I download a new version of Qt or is that a separate download?

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    Default Re: Use the "Offline" or "Online" installer for Qt when upgrading ???

    1. Which one do I download?
    It probably doesn't make any difference. If you have a good internet connection and are only updating one PC, then use the online installer. It will download the pieces, check to make sure they are valid, and install them. If you are upgrading more than one PC, then you will save bandwidth by downloading the offline installer and using that. In either case, after installing your will get the same thing.

    2. Will my version of Qt Creator (currently it is 4.2.1 based on Qt5) also be updated
    Probably. When you get a new version of Qt, the installer usually installs to a clean directory and installs everything required for Qt development, including Creator, Designer, Assistant, and so forth. Each of these is probably on a different release cycle from Qt releases, so you may get a version of Creator that was linked against an earlier set of Qt libraries. It doesn't matter, because these tools are self-contained and do not use the libraries contained in the Qt toolkit distribution.

    On my own PC, my PATH is set so that Creator, Designer, etc. are all from the Qt 5.9 release, even though I am now building against a Qt 5.14 version. It all works fine, although the Assistant documentation is for 5.9. I am too lazy to change the PATH.
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