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Thread: QFontDialog BOLD hint on ARIAL not working?

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    Default QFontDialog BOLD hint on ARIAL not working?

    Hello everybody,

    BOLD-hint on Arial seems to fail. Can anybody tell why and how to workaround?

    Qt Code:
    1. QFont font;
    2. font.setFamily("Arial");
    3. font.setPointSizeF(7);
    4. font.setBold(true);
    6. qDebug() << font.bold() << font.weight(); // returns: true 75
    9. QFontDialog dialog(this); // or QFontDialog dialog(font, this);
    10. dialog.setCurrentFont(font);
    11. font = dialog.getFont(&ok, font, this);
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    Opens the dialog. But weight is set to standard. This happens on ARIAL and on initial opening only. After I switched trough the dialog to bold, the next launch is set properly. Why is that?
    Tried various other fonts, worked fine.

    I also would like to learn, why I can't set PointSizeF to i.e. 7.5. User experience on my windows systems show that it is possible (i.e. MS-Office)

    Thanks in advance, Lars
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