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Thread: Custom layout which allows child widgets to be moved and re-positioned

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    Question Custom layout which allows child widgets to be moved and re-positioned

    I am looking for a way to have a bunch of childs widgets(buttons), contained inside a main window widget/layout, to be able to move them around and re-position them interactively, as well as retaining their relative position to the main window scale .

    So far i could achieve something like this in a widget ui, without adding a layout (i can move any widgets etc), alto the issue is that when scaling the main UI window, all the buttons inside are staying "in place", and not moving relative to the window size, hence , falling outside of the window boarder.
    I know that adding a layout would allow the buttons to be in line with the widget scale, alto, it would also break the buttons positioning which is what i need.




    So I would like instead to be able to , place a few button widgets inside the main window, in any position i want, and have them stay in the relative position as i rescale the main UI widget.

    After rescaling or moving the main window widget, i want to still be able to "edit" these buttons position/scale (by dragging them around ), and so on so forth.

    Any ideas on how i could achieve this or what would be the best approach to go about it ?
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