Hey all,

I have a tree model with several columns. It all works great but I now would like to group some rows into groups/categories. I can create a parent to act as the group and place all the rows as children, that's also fine. The problem is that I would like this "group" row to be independent of the columns so that it can span the whole row if needed. I would like something very similar to what is done in Qt Creator's property panel, like this:


In the image, notice how "QAbstractScrollArea" and "QAbstractItemView" span the whole row, regardless of the size of the columns. That's exactly what I want to achieve.

I tried to look into Qt Creator's code but couldn't get to the right place where this is done. I also tried playing with the delegates but I am not sure if this will cause problems down the line.

Any suggestions on how to do this?