I worked on the synchronous libusb in my Qt project with good results and now I need the asynchronous features of this library. I understood reading here, here and here that, after I've registered my callback function using the libusb_fill_control_transfer and submitted a transfer with libusb_submit_transfer , I need to "keep live" the libusb_handle_events_completed inside a while loop to get the transfer related events since the libusb doesn't have its own thread. For example you can read a code like this

Qt Code:
  1. libusb_fill_control_transfer(transfer, dev, buffer, cb, &completed, 1000);
  2. libusb_submit_transfer(transfer);
  3. while (!completed) {
  4. libusb_handle_events_completed(ctx, &completed);
  5. }
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Now if I want read a packet that I don't know when it occurs, I think that goes against the asynchronous nature submit a read and wait in the while with libusb_handle_events_completed until the event is triggered.

Then, do I need to create a separate thread within the libusb_handle_events_completed in an infinite while loop? Like

Qt Code:
  1. // I create the thread when the application starts
  2. QFuture<void> usbEventHandlerPoller;
  3. usbEventHandlerPoller = QtConcurrent::run( usbConnection, &USBConnection::PollUSBEventHandler, &threadAbortFlag );
  5. // Here the cuncurrent thread with the infinite loop
  6. void USBConnection::PollUSBEventHandler( volatile bool* pThreadAbortFlag )
  7. {
  8. int completed = 0;
  10. while ( 1 )
  11. {
  12. libusb_handle_events_completed( NULL, &completed );
  13. if ( *pThreadAbortFlag == true )
  14. {
  15. return;
  16. }
  17. }
  18. }
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Can anyone, with experience in the asynchronous features of libusb library, give some suggestions on the right approach to handle the transfer events?