I need to have a full fledged ANSI terminal in a QWidget.

The best solutions I found so far are QTermWidget from LXQt project and embedding a plain urxwt in a QWidget using its `-embed` option.

Both behave badly in resize (I would like to have autowrap-reflow like gnome-terminal and others).
I did not fins any way to embed a generic Application (e.g.: gnome-terminal) in Qt; did I miss something?

I also know there's QConsole from Jupiter project, but I've been unable to understand if it can be used standalone (i.e.: without all IPython/Jupiter machinery I don't need).

I am also aware of other small projects like Py3QTermWidget and QTerminal, but, although interesting exercises, these seem really rudimentary.

Are there other readily usable solutions?

QTermWidget is currently the best option, but it has a few drawbacks:
  • Lack of documentation
  • Unusable in Pyside/Pyside2/Pyside6
  • No autowrap reflow on resize

Thanks in Advance