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Thread: QScopedPointer usage with Forward Declaration

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    Default QScopedPointer usage with Forward Declaration

    Hello everyone, this will be my very first thread. I am currently learning qt from tutorials and books. At some point, I implemented this class with Private
    Implementation covered with QScopedPointer.

    ***1) Here is my MasterController class with a forward declaration of class "Implementation" with QScoped Pointer guards it.

    Qt Code:
    1. class CMLIB_EXPORT MasterController : public QObject
    2. {
    3. Q_OBJECT
    5. public:
    6. explicit MasterController(QObject* parent = nullptr);
    7. ~MasterController();
    9. cm::controllers::NavigationController* ui_navigationController();
    11. signals:
    12. private:
    14. class Implemantation;
    15. QScopedPointer<Implemantation> implementation;
    16. };
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    *** 2) Here is also my cpp file for MasterController class. Here we see previously declared Implemation class as well as constructor, deconstructor of Master Class.

    Qt Code:
    1. class MasterController::Implemantation
    2. {
    3. public:
    4. Implemantation(MasterController* _masterController) : masterController(_masterController)
    5. {
    6. navigationController = new NavigationController(masterController);
    7. }
    9. ~Implemantation()
    10. {
    11. }
    13. MasterController* masterController;
    14. NavigationController* navigationController;
    15. QString welcomeMessage = "This is MasterController to Major Tom";
    16. };
    19. MasterController::MasterController(QObject* parent) : QObject(parent)
    20. {
    21. //implementation is a scoped pointer
    22. implementation.reset(new Implemantation(this));
    23. }
    25. MasterController::~MasterController()
    26. {
    27. }
    29. NavigationController* MasterController::ui_navigationController()
    30. {
    31. return implementation->navigationController;
    32. }
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    *** 3) Here is my Question: My private implemented Class (Implementation) has 3 members :
    a- MasterController class that it lives on
    b- Someother Navigation Class
    c- A String

    If my MasterController class comes to the end of scope , everythis is fine, all objects are deleted. From curiosity, i deleted Destructor from MasterController and i got following compile errors:

    C:\Qt\5.14.2\msvc2017_64\include\QtCore\qscopedpoi nter.h:57: error: C2027: use of undefined type 'cm::controllers::MasterController::Implemantation '
    c:\qtprojects\cm-learningqt\customermanager\cm-lib\source\controllers\mastercontroller.h:34: see declaration of 'cm::controllers::MasterController::Implemantation '
    C:\Qt\5.14.2\msvc2017_64\include\QtCore\qscopedpoi nter.h:53: while compiling class template member function 'void QScopedPointerDeleter<T>::cleanup(T *)'
    T=cm::controllers::MasterController::Implemantatio n

    I would be pleased if someone explains what the problem is and why destructor is important here.
    Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: QScopedPointer usage with Forward Declaration

    From the Qt documentation

    Classes that are forward declared can be used within QScopedPointer, as long as the destructor of the forward declared class is available whenever a QScopedPointer needs to clean up.

    Concretely, this means that all classes containing a QScopedPointer that points to a forward declared class must have non-inline constructors, destructors and assignment operators
    I believe the issue is the compiler will implicitly define a default constructor in places where your type is still incomplete causing the error.

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