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Thread: QT5 (Python) - Get top index parent in a recursive map

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    I've with no avail been trying for hours to get the top index parent of a child which has been selected.
    What I'm doing:

    So when you double click ad1-server for example you send the QModel to the function and you can simply do and it returns 'ad1-server'.

    Now ad1-server has variables of its own and when you click on that variable you have to now do QModel.parent().data() to get it to return 'ad1-server' again.

    Now the variables inside of ad1-server also has variables so when you click on that QModel.parent() will now return the previous parent variable instead of ad1-server and I have been trying with different methods to get it to work with no avail.

    How do I get the selected variables Root parent data, for me it is an impossible task at this point.

    I tried this method:

    But this one returns the utter root top item not the root node of the selected item.

    Added after 35 minutes:

    So I solved this by doing it in a while loop:

    root = val.parent()
    while(root.parent().data() != None):
    root = root.parent()
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