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Thread: Embed Excel in QT window with toolbars showing

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    Default Embed Excel in QT window with toolbars showing


    Have spent several days trying things from numerous threads on this forum but cannot seem to get the result I need.

    I need to embed excel within a QT window, showing all excel toolbars as well as the spreadsheet cells. Excel must show within a QT window rather than launching a new instance of Excel.

    If I open the desired spreadsheet file directly i.e. ui->excel->setControl("c:\\test\\book.xlsx"); then the spreadsheet displays within the QAxWidget - which is good, but the toolbars are hidden and I cannot seem to make them visible (some attempts below). If I use ui->excel=new QAxWidget("Excel.Application") then open the spreadsheet using ui->excel->querySubObject("WorkBooks")->dynamicCall("Open (const QString&)", QString("c:\\test\\book.xlsx")); the Excel toolbars are visible but Excel is in a separate window and excel is shown in the taskbar rather than being embedded within QT.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!


    Qt Code:
    1. ui->excel=new QAxWidget("Excel.Application");
    2. ui->gridLayout->addWidget(ui->excel);
    3. //ui->excel->querySubObject("WorkBooks")->dynamicCall("Open (const QString&)", QString("c:\\test\\book.xlsx"));
    4. ui->excel->setControl("c:\\test\\book.xlsx");
    5. ui->excel->querySubObject("ActiveWorkBook");
    6. ui->excel->setProperty("Visible", true);
    7. ui->excel->setProperty("Caption", "Qt Excel"); //Titled Qt Excel
    8. ui->excel->setProperty("DisplayAlerts", true);
    9. ui->excel->setProperty("DisplayFullScreen", false);
    10. ui->excel->dynamicCall("CommandBars("MyToolbar").Enabled = true");
    11. ui->excel->dynamicCall("CommandBars("Worksheet Menu Bar").Enabled = true");
    12. ui->excel->dynamicCall("CommandBars("MyToolbar").Enabled = true");
    13. ui->excel->dynamicCall("CommandBars("Worksheet Menu Bar").Visible = true");
    14. ui->excel->dynamicCall("show.toolbar("Ribbon",True");
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