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Thread: PyQt5 Best way to draw a grid

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    Default PyQt5 Best way to draw a grid

    Hi to everybody
    I'm new of QT world so I need your help.

    What is the best way to draw the grids like the ones in the image?


    In the version A: I have a single row grid composed by square or rectangular elements (each one with an ID) all of the same size. Over the row I need to put another row that counts the elements and a row with some DESC label (the element that contains the DESC label should have a size that is a multiple of the square element size).

    Each row should to go on a newline in someway (max square per row or simply when dimension reach the max size of the container)

    With a toggle button I should toggle the view in version B.

    In the version B: I have a grid of multiple row like the version A. The number line and the desc line is present only one time in each view.

    In both version:

    Every square should be clickable, when I click I can:

    1. modify background colour
    2. associate a text to the square that is indicated with a star put into square.

    Text and colour information will be stored in a database sqlite.

    What kind of method is the best? A Table with cellspan? A row of QRect? Other ojbects from QT library?

    Thank you

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    Default Re: PyQt5 Best way to draw a grid

    I would probably do this using the Qt Graphics / View framework. You make a rectangle that is the outline of the entire grind, then you place a series of rectangles inside this outer rectangle as children. Text and stars are children of these inner rectangles. Look at QGraphicsRectItem, QGraphicsPolygonItem, and QGraphicsTextItem.
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    Default Re: PyQt5 Best way to draw a grid

    Thank you, I will test it soon

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