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Thread: QSerialPort sending data and waiting for response

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    Default QSerialPort sending data and waiting for response


    I am working on an application which communicates with an appliance attached to the serial port. The application send commands and waits for the appliance's reply, or until timeout. Currently I am doing the waiting using an instance of QEventLoop, however I read that using QEventLoop leads to subtle bugs. So now I need to redesign my application logic, which currently depends on a method which sends data out of the port and waits for a response of certain length.

    What I want to achieve is (pseudocode):
    Qt Code:
    1. response = connection.sendQuery(query, responseLength, timeout)
    2. if (response.length() == responseLength) {
    3. // valid response
    4. } else {
    5. //invalid response
    6. }
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    Can you please suggest a strategy for creating that logic?


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    Default Re: QSerialPort sending data and waiting for response

    Look at QSerialPort (and the base class QIODevice) which implement a handshake protocol for writing and reading data based on signals and slots. A typical use is to connect a slot to the QSerialPort::readyRead() signal, which will be emitted when the serial port has received data (not necessarily the complete response, just any part of it).

    The Qt distribution comes with a large number of QSerialPort examples.

    There is rarely any need for you to implement your own event loop.
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